Spade's Aces

Escape to Solaris

Jumpship Blackheart, Enroute to Solaris, June 2, 3056

Janis hid the Pandora on the opposite side of the sun from New Delos until an “associate” she knew would arrive at a pirate jump point. Upon his arrival, it was a race against a wing of Aero fighters to the jump ship Black Heart. With the Aces pitching in on the gunn turrets, the Pandora managed to dock with the jump ship just before it’s departure.

Although the jump to Solaris would be instantaneous, it would be a week before they were planetside. The Aces watched the holovids downloaded from New Delos. It wasn’t good. The vids showed, over and over again, their Mechs obliderating Major Spade’s Hunchback. To make matters worse, the vids panned to the shots of them celebrating from their cockpits. Commentator after commentator denounced their treachery and cowardice. Eventually, Andre Cheval, the COO of the Spade’s Aces came on the tube to offer a reward for their capture and return to the mercenary outfit for justice.

The Aces occupied their time productively. Aidan hacked his way into the jump ship network, and changed the menu prices in the cafeteria. Darius knocked a video gambler unconscious with a drink meant for him. He then took his C-cards and ID and infiltrated the drop ship he came from. A few hours of skulking rewarded him with some personal weaponry.

Pierre spent most of his time at the rec area, gambling. He was trying to lose the C-cards imprinted with his identity, and get generic cards instead. Towards the end of his escapades, he was approached by two oriental women, who informed him they knew exactly who he and his comrades were, and gave him a contact card, should they “choose” to help.

Bjorn tried to start a brawl in the rec area, only to miss with his punch, and be put into an arm hold by his target. When Chester and Darius tried to come to his rescue, he inadvertently pushed the target the wrong way, and Bjorn’s arm snapped at the elbow. The fun was cut short by Black Heart security with stun darts for Bjorn, Chester and Darius. Pierre met with a similar fate as he attempted to intervene.

The next they knew, they were waking up with splitting headaches in the brig of the Black Heart. A furious Janis glowered at them. “Do you have any idea of what getting you out of here has cost me?”

Pierre stood numbly as he watched her storming from the room.



Bjorn was not simply trying to start a “brawl”. He was attempting to test himself against a worthy foe in the rec area but slipped in some drunk’s drink and missed his target. His disregard for clan Ghost Bear’s “Wait and See” ideology was his mistake. Had he been more patience and observed his foe first, he would have noticed the spilled beverage on the floor. Patience is a virtue he has yet to learn…

Escape to Solaris
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