Spade's Aces

Starting Over

Solaris, Federated Commonwealth, June 3056

The Pandora set down at an industrial airstrip on the south side of Solaris City. Not a word from Janis as she busied herself with refueling and refitting her drop ship.

The group finds a room above a blue collar bar, the Flaming Cockpit. There they begin their journey on erasing their past and making a new future.

Ferret makes contact with Jake Skeezer, a bookie and money launderer he knew from his past. Jake is “happy” to help, but needs a small favor. It seems the Solaris police confiscated his equipment in a sting, and is being held in the precinct office nearby. If Ferret and his friends can “liberate” his goods, Jake will be happy to launder their money.

As Ferret meets with Jake, Pierre wanders the opposite part of town to make a contact with the Chinese women who seem to know too much about him. He happens upon a busted up public phone. Wiring it up well enough to make the call is not much of a problem. Unfortunately, he has to leave a cryptic message, saying he will return to the phone later that evening.

Aidan talks Seb into seducing his way with the barmaid in order to gain access to her computer. Ever the paramour, Seb is able to smooth “talk” his way into her apartment, and uses the workstation as she sleeps.

Ferret returns with his news, and the Aces begin planning. They decide that they need some surveillance from the clinic next door. Chester, wanting to sell the “mugging” story, clobbers Bjorn cold, and has a taxi driver drop him on the steps of the clinic. After an interesting night Bjorn is able to scope out the police station next door.

Darius and Chester pay a “visit” to one of Solaris’s finest, and are able to “persuade” him to divulge information about the equipment. Seems that it is slated to be moved uptown soon. A ruse is hastily concocted wherein Bjorn and Pierre pose as SCIS (Solaris City Intelligence Service) officers and con the police into taking an empty van along the route, where they are ambushed by Darius and Chester. The van has the snot shot out of it by the red neck duo, leaving the soiled-pants officers intact.

The equipment is returned to the bookie, and a few hours later, “clean” C-Bills are posted to new identities associated with the Sisters of Perpetual Agony charity.

Pierre gets intercepted in his attempt to contact the mysterious women. He is hustled into a hover-limo. The women explain a “deal”. For a new life and protection from a vengeful merc unit, the group must agree to work for the “Organization”. A visit to a Solaris gladitorial arena seals the deal, and provides a good chunk of change for our mechwarriors. It’s always profitable to bet on a sure thing.

Their first test is against each other in a simulated Free For All. Each one proves worthy.

In the end, a figure in shadows on a communication-vidscreen welcomes them, and tells them to stand down until they are needed.


BruthaB BruthaB

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