Spade's Aces

The Briefing

Enroute to Jumpship Encore, Solaris, Federated Commonwealth,

Military dropships were not designed for comfort, and this one is no exception. Named the Artful Dodger , it is designed to carry 12 Mech’s and their crew, technicians and support staff. Most of the room given to the safety and well-being of the 3 story metal monsters in the hold.

People are replaceable, Mech’s not so much.

Aidan’s eyes narrow at the brightness of the lights inside the dropship. Despite the coiled dragon emblazoned on the outside of Union class dropship, all the signage within the behemoth is in Mandarin, not Japanese. With English subtitles, none of the other Aces seem to notice the disparity. Aidan locks this bit of trivia away. He will retrieve it later when he has a moment to ponder.

At the end of the ramp, the group follows the signage to the pilot’s quarters. The spaciousness of the ramp now constricts to a single file hall. The Mechwarriors grumble into a line, and push into the bowels of the ship. Just before Bjorn enters the door to the quarters, he is intercepted by a shapely figure in a black flight suit.

“Mechwarriors Jorgenssen and Fujita, your quarters are elsewhere. Please follow me.” Not waiting for a response, the woman turns sharply and continues down the hall. Trudy follows gratefully, not really wanting to bunk with the likes of Chester and Darius. Bjorn looks back, nods, and falls into line behind the both of them.

“Lucky bastard” Darius growls through a sloppy smile.

“Isn’t that the gods honest truth” Ezekiel agrees wistfully.

When he read the words “Pilot’s Quarters”, Pierre imagined comfortable cots, clean sheets, and a small nightstand with a lamp. What he saw were steel bunk beds, bolted to the bulkheads, sporting sagging springs. Pierre watches with amusement as Ezekiel swings his duffel onto the top bunk nearest the door. Let ze games begin.

“This one’s mine” the Aussie claims brightly.

“Put your shrimp on a different barbie, Mate”, Darius drawls. “Chester called that one already.”

“I heard no such thing, bitzer” Ezekiel replies.

“What did you just call me? A bitcher? Really?!” Darius drops his rucksack to the floor with an overly dramatic motion. Cracking his knuckles one-handed, he gets as close to Ezekiel’s face as his belly will allow. “You ought to reconsider.”


Looking to the two across from me, “Let’s get down to business. If we are going to succeed on our upcoming mission we need to set some ground rules and get somethings taken care of. I am here because of my skill set and knowledge of our upcoming mission. I need you two to give me your word that you can control your Lances and defer to me as your lead on the upcoming mission. Do I have your word? Good….”

The Briefing

Just a quick change to the narrative. Bjorn accepts Hawkins hand and gives a firm shake and takes a studying look at Hawkins. A hand shake is always a great opportunity to size up a potential opponent.

The Briefing

Also Bjorn isn’t normally a rude person, he likes to go under the radar and be as forgettable as possible.

The Briefing

There will be no trouble for me to command my squad. There will be trouble if someone else tries to command my squad. As long as your orders make sense and don’t endanger my people unnecessarily there won’t be any issues. We intend to get out of this mission alive.

What is the mission and what is our part?

The Briefing

As we continue to talk you notice that, even though I am speaking to both of you, I never look at Fujita.

Excellent. I like a man that sees the end goal… to live. If you would prefer for me to give orders to you and then you can delegate from there I have no problems with that.

You see him shuffling files, until he finally finds the one he wants.

Tell me more about Malvoni and his skill set. I understand he is proficient with hacking? Can you give me examples of what he can “hack”? I assure you that this question is essential to our success for our mission, so please do not exaggerate his abilities to hack…

He then looks to you as he is putting the file down. “Cigar?”

The Briefing

Bjorn, picking up what Hawkins is obviously putting down, keeps half his attention on Fujita while still studying Hawkins.

“Before I give you info on my team, who is this?” Referring to Fujita.

The Briefing

With narrowed eyes Darius snarled “auizes belong down unda, so you best be moven before my size 15 boot gose up under yo ass so fare you can last the leather.” Then Darius grabs ezikels bag, opens it up and spits the nastiest looking wad of spit anyone has ever seen. “Need i remind yo boyie again, this ain’t yor bunk. Now move or yo be drinken eucalyptus through a straw for the next 3 months”.

The Briefing
BruthaB BruthaB

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