Spade's Aces

The First Job

Solaris, Federated Commonwealth, July 3056

The Aces complied with the “stand down”, at least according to the Aces, they complied.

Amongst their endeavors they acquired an ancient Leopard class dropship, affectionally named “The Brick”. It needs a significant amount of work. They were not the only party interested in the ship, however. A slick suit kept running the bid until Bjorn persuaded him to move on to healthier pursuits. The last the Aces saw of him, he was taking photographs of them just before he entered a sleek black hover limo.

The waiting was beginning to wear on them, however. The worst of it was felt by Pierre. His nocturnal wanderings found himself in a seedy little casino called The Solaris Grand. It was anything but. Pierre broke even for the most part, until a rainy night and a group of drunk technicians. Pierre sat at their table, and within two hours won all of their credits (2,514 to be exact). More importantly he won the keycard to their salvage truck, after a brilliant bluff. Unfortunately, the techs did not appreciate that bit of brilliance. Quick talking, and a headlong dive through a plate glass window provided Pierre his escape.

Finally, the long awaited contact came. Go time….


BruthaB BruthaB

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