Slum orphan to soldier, Ferret brings street smarts and connections to the Spade's Aces


Current XP: 6000
XP For Next Level:

Hit Points: 20
Hit Class:16
Base Attack Bonus:0
Mech Attack Bonus:0
Saving Throw Bonus:2
Damage Reduction:0


Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: White


Name: Ben Minason
Alias: “Ferret”
Profession: Criminal Associate

Ferrets life has not been a happy or easy one. Abandoned by his mother in fleeing from a drunken, enraged father, he was cradled in the cold arms of the slums of Solaris. Growing up in such a desperate situation turns anyone cold, and Ferret was no exception. He did what he needed to survive, following the out-dated creed of the “Slum Scouts” from a book he found on a scavenge expedition. He stole, lied, cheated, fought and, in one instance killed, to survive. He took no glory in it, and he kept a sliver of humanity inside of him behind a cold facade. Cruel and brutal in his tasks, he was anything but that when surrounded by his make-shift home and family of other orphans. Life was bittersweet in the slums, with survival and humanity always having to be weighed in each option. And his life did turn sour, in time, by the underworld and the dogs of it. Having successfully keep neutral in his childhood and growing years from the disputes and covert and bloody wars fought by the gangs and mob families, his luck turned when the “wronged” clients of his friend and employer Jack Sully decided to make their own example of “Customer Dissatisfaction”. No less than seven thugs surrounded Ferret on his way home after his most recent job. And while Ferret did manage to beat, kill, or intimidate the thugs; it seemed that his life was compromised. Luckily Joey Callero, his childhood friend and runner for the various Mob family, had heard the scarce rumors of a hit on Ferret. That night he had followed his friend home to make sure if these were true. As it was they were, and he managed to drag his dying friend to Jacobi Nix’s house, also a friend of Ferrets, and convince the underworld famous doctor Vinniere Booge to save his friend. Fate had smiled on them,it seems, as the doctor was in a good mood after he got a large payment for some unexpected complications of a Mob family head. Vinniere introduced the now compromised and healed (barely) to an acquaintance of his who worked for the Spade’s Aces infirmary department. Leaving his only home and friends on advice from a underworld doctor and into the open arms of the Spades newest unit the Green Aces; where there seemed to be gathered a group of criminals, felons and other “evil doers”. Where this will take Ferret is more than just an exodus…


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