Sergeant Rezzik Torr

A man of common birth on the path to Glory!


Character Information

Name : Rezzik Torr
Height : 1.78m (5’10")
Weight : 75kg (168lbs)
Eyes : Green
Hair : Brown
Skin : Pale
Ideology : Glory
Disposition : Aggressive
Level : 2
Experience : 1000


STR: 2
DEX: 2
CON: 2
INT: 4
WIS: 4
RES: 3
CHA: 4
ATT: 3

Vital Statistics

HP : 14
Move: 30ft
HC : 13
BAB : 2
Init: 2


Pilot (Mech): 4
Hearing : 4
Sight : 4
U. E. D. : 4


Level One

Light Mech Prof.
Base Attack Bonus
EM Weapon Prof.
EX Weapon Prof.
KI Weapon Prof.

Level Two

Additional Attack – Mech
Medium Mech Prof.
Mech Mobility
Base Attack Bonus
Expert Tactitian
Coolant Flush


Mech pilots are a common fruit among the branches of the Torr line — including mercenaries, military faithful, a Solaris Games competitor or two, and many workmech pilots. Rezzik was raised on Solaris IV — not the bright center of mech competition on Solaris VII, but rather the dingy and rough mining colony. He grew up among the heavy machinery taking slow but inexorable bites from the silica-rich formations around the colony.

Rezzik would have been good in school, if he had bothered to attend it. Instead, he spent most of his days working, without his parents’ knowledge or consent, as an Ore Loader pilot at one of the many silica refineries. It was this toil, with a bit of natural talent, that led him to an opportunity with Spade’s Aces.

In response to a reduction in pay, furloughs, and the dissolution of gambling outfits by Solaris Silicas, Inc., the Union organized a General Strike. From miners to cafeteria workers to accountants, all Labor on the colony turned against SSI. People stormed the spaceports, shut down the refineries, and trashed corporate offices.

Rezzik, the young man who organized workmech resistance to the mercenary crackdown financed by SSI, was caught when his ore loader finally succumbed to the thundering crack of an autocannon. He was thrown in the brig of a dropship and carted off-world to be tried and sentenced. Fortunately for Rezzik, Benjamin Spade took notice of the headstrong and courageous young man, paid for Rezzik’s release, and game him the opportunity to lead a lance of mechwarriors.

Sergeant Rezzik Torr

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