Solar Flare Dropship


A simple and easy-to-maintain design, the Leopard quickly became the standard lance-sized ‘Mech carrier for the original Star League and the Great Houses. Its relatively low operating costs and plethora of existing replacement parts (with the exception of the drive system) has allowed it to not only survive the Succession Wars as a ship class, but become the predominant entry vehicle for ’Mech recon, objective raid, and special operations missions. The two fighter bays allow for the lance’s air support needs or act as enlarged cargo areas for booty.

In reference to its layout and allegedly also to its atmospheric handling, the Leopard is widely known by its nickname, “Brick”.

Our particular dropship however is in disrepair and only has 2 of the 5 Large Lasers equipped and operational in the nose section. A lot of work will need to be done to get it back to its optimal condition. We did get a bargain by only spending 2,000,000 c-bills on it though.


Pierre and Aidan used their computer expertise to find a local estate auction currently under way. The White Tower Mercenaries managed to enter the auction house’s databases and make the dropship appear even more worthless than it already was. Luckily there was only 1 other individual capable of putting up a fight for the bidding on the dropship. Bjorn showing an unusual amount of guile and acting was able to distract and minimize the individual’s ability to bid on the dropship. There was however a slight physical altercation immediately after the bidding closed, as is to be expected whenever Bjorn is involved. The person managed to take pictures of both Rezzik and Bjorn before he left but Bjorn got his license plate number and through further efforts by Aidan, the group was able to locate and identify the individual. Obviously a future encounter will most likely occur….

Solar Flare Dropship

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