Spade's Aces

The Assassination
New Delos, Free Worlds League, May 3056

The briefing room screens on the Pandora and the Overreach flickered from blue, and displayed the Spade’s Aces logo. Lt. Boris and the two lances of the Green Ace Company watched from their seperate dropships as Major Benjamin Spade, their CO briefed them on the upcoming mission.

“A simple mop-up operation, gents. The good folks of New Delos had a pirate problem that was, well, politically charged, FWL military is hands off. The Black and Red Aces have already been down planetside for a week, and have soundly kicked their sorry arses. Now we have a handful of these vermin making a run for their dropship. Your mission is to stop them. Noone makes it past you. We need to be sending these clowns a message.”

“We will debark at a small airstrip near where intel has plotted their escape vector. You will form up and move out after a brief refit from the tech crew there. Seems there is a Tech school on New Delos, and they wanted some hands on work for their students. So we get some free labor. After refit, we form up and head out.”

“Immediately after the operation, you will assemble in the basement bunker room for a debriefing. Oh, and one last thing. The media will be there, filming for some mercenary promotional shots I lined up. Make us look good. Remember, don’t just win, LOOK GOOD WINNING! Spade out.”

And that’s how the op went. The Green Aces mopped up the fleeing pirates, and returned to the airstrip to pose for pictures. As they waited downstairs for the debrief, their attention turned to the holovid screens. The reporter was droning on about the proficiency of even the newest mercenary units. The 8 lancemates watched Maj. Spade come into view, his Hunchback gleaming in the sun. He marched into the midst of a formation of mechs.

Their mechs.

When the Major was with a couple hundred meters, both lances erupted in alpha strikes, unerringly targeted to the cockpit and center of the Hunchback. The Major never had a chance to eject.

The Green Aces had to avoid certain death by navigating through the ventilation system. One subdued guard later, and they were sprinting off towards the Pandora.

What has gone before...
January, 3056

Benjamin Spade was always pushing the limits. When the Clans invaded, he was very vocal in the upper ranks of the Free World’s League 1st Legionnaires about taking the fight to them. Outvoted and outranked, Spade maneuvered around the bureaucracy.

He exercised his “retirement” clause in his military contract, and mustered out with a tidy sum of C-Bills. He immediately formed “Spade’s Aces”, a light to medium Battlemech company specializing in covert operations and unconventional warfare. Early successes against the clans brought prosperity to the Aces, and by the time the smoke had cleared on Tukayyid, the Aces were two companies strong.

Spade’s next move would be to begin recruiting for a third company, the Green Aces. It was led by Boris, a Ghost Bear warrior who lost to Spade in a one on one duel. The bondsmen would be the new company’s commander. Spade wanted them trained in Clan tactics and covert operations. It was an experiment that not everyone in the organization found popular.

Major Spade’s knack for seeing potential brought together 8 recruits out of the roughest of life’s situations in the Inner Sphere. The Green Aces would either be a brilliant coup, or a spectacular waste of resources.


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