Union Class Dropship


A stalwart of company-sized BattleMech combat transports, the Union class is a venerable and capable member of the DropShip unit type. Capable of carrying twelve ’Mechs and two aerospace fighters (a standard ’Mech company including one air lance under classic SLDF doctrine), it is among the smaller dedicated military deployment vehicles, dwarfed by its larger cousin Overlord and especially the massive troop transports such as the Excalibur, Lee, or Colossus. The smaller but much more numerous, and implicitly also more cost-efficient and easier to manufacture, Union class weathered Lostech throughout the Succession Wars era better than the much larger vessels, and has been in continous production ever since its inception.

The ship was designed as a ’Mech deployment vehicle, not for prolonged comfortable travel. The interior personnel spaces aboard the Union are infamous for being very cramped on most Unions, and the air circulation system is often found lacking.

The command and control facilities onboard a typical Union are sufficient enough that it may operate as a coordination point for smaller lance-sized combat transports partaking in company or larger sized operations. Likewise, it operates well in larger operations, where it may conduct missions of a surprise, diversionary or raiding role. The semi-automated weaponry is significant enough to cause single and paired ASFs pause.

Union Class Dropship

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